About Me

Where to begin? Well, first a little about me.

I’m a 38 year old, single (unmarried) female, self employed and self sufficient…for the most part. I have two engineering degrees and an MBA. I pride myself in being strong and independent, but not bitchy or isolated. I’m just not willing to settle and I’m not afraid to challenge the status quo. I know what I like and what I want and I go for it in all aspects of life.

I’ve spent 16 years as a medical device engineer working in orthopedic design and development. Many of my years were with start-up companies, so I’ve had all types of different health plans. Though I am an engineer, my friends often tell me, I’m not your typical engineer. I love talking to people, about everything. I love to learn and hear varying opinions and experiences. People intrigue me. And my second career as a real estate broker is only fitting, since it allows me to be creative, analytical, and talk constantly to new people.

Throughout the years I’ve seen the many sides of the US healthcare system, all of which has intrigued me, sparked curiosity and wonder and at times frustration and disgust. Initially I wanted to write a brochure or pamphlet to have orthopedist give out to women having shoulder surgery, since I’m on my 7th shoulder surgery. Yes 7th! Don’t ask….that’s another blog post. I wanted to offer the little tips and hints to make pre-op and post-op just a little easier for the next person. But the more I’ve seen and experience myself in the US healthcare system the more my friends, colleague and family have encouraged me to write more.

I hope to share all my experiences with helpful insights into solutions or work arounds to the complex US healthcare system.

So here is my blog….I hope you find it helpful.


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