Alternatives to Health Insurance

What if you can’t afford health insurance? What if you just don’t want to be restricted by health insurance? What are your options to be sure your protected in both health and financially?

I had heard about major medical insurance, that old option no longer offered that covered catastrophic illnesses or accidents. This made sense to me, as I take care of myself and would rather pay for only major coverage rather than pay for a hangnail or cold to be treated by an insurance.

I’ve always compared health insurance to auto insurance. I didn’t understand why health insurance covered the day to day small things which drive the cost up, when it would be much more affordable if the insurance was used for catastrophic events only just like an auto policy. Auto insurance doesn’t pay for my regular oil changes and tire rotations or car washes, but it does protect me if I get in an accident or someone steals my car.

So, I began to look into my options for coverage that would protect me from accidents or catastrophic illness and then options for my day to day health. Here’s a break down of what I found to be most helpful and comforting for coverage and financial protection:

  • Opt to maintain a healthy living style
    • Gym Membership – $10 per month
    • Healthy Food – cost ranges
    • Cooking at home – less expensive than eating out!
    • Yoga membership – Free App or $12 per class with instructor = Stress Relief
    • Using holistic treatments in lieu of prescription drugs when reasonable
  • Good RX – simple free app
    • discounts on perscriptions
    • transparency on cost based on where you get your prescription filled
  • Primary Care Physician Membership (concierge doctor) – $50 per month
    • Local physicians that offer memberships for a small group of paitents
    • You have 1 doctor
    • They get to know you
    • They take the time to know all about you
    • Includes a yearly physical with blood work and some even include female yearly exam
    • Same day appointments, call backs and/or Perscriptions
    • Typically these memberships have pharmacy arrangements for discounts
  • Accident Insurance – ~$50 per month
    • pays out cash directly to me
    • accidents including slip and fall, car accident, tripping over a dog bone and twisting an ankle, etc.
    • amount paid based on treatment, diagnostics needed and such
  • Cancer Insurance – ~ $50 per month
    • pays out cash directly to me
    • amount paid based on type of cancer diagnosis, treatments, and other variations
  • Medical Payment option within Auto Insurance
    • added coverage within auto policy for insured persons medical expenses from car accident (whether or not your at fault doesn’t matter)
    • can go up to $10,000 in coverage


Please share any other findings you as my readers may have found. I am always in search of new alternatives and options. This is an evolving industry and this blog is to bring together options for all.


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