Why I Blog

Initially I wanted to write a brochure or pamphlet for orthopedic surgeons to give out to women having shoulder surgery, since I’m on my 7th shoulder surgery. Yes 7th! That will one day be another blog post.

I wanted to offer the little tips, tricks and insights that would make pre-op and post-op just a little easier for the next person, especially a single person living alone or without family immediately available. But the more I’ve experience throughout the years in the US healthcare system the more information I began to gather and the more I had to find a way to share with others.

My friends, colleague and family have encouraged me to write it all for others to use and maybe find ways to improve our own situations.

I have finally made the first steps to start this blog. After years of challenges and frustrations with the US healthcare system and the continuing and growing red tape of insurance versus actual care I couldn’t stay silent any longer.

So here is my blog….I hope you find it helpful.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton